Codex The Warrior Is Our First Glimpse At A Tegra 4 Title

January 4, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

CES 2013 starts in less than 4 days and already were seeing flashes of stuff to come. What we know for sure is that NVIDIA will unveil their Tegra 4 processor at the show. Now let that sink in for just a second. OK  good? Good. Since we’re all waiting to see what this new set of chips will bring to our mobile experience and performance, the better and more interesting question may be what will it do for our gaming? Well, here’s a first look. Enter, Codex The Warrior. A tiny peek at what’s to come for gamers on a Tegra 4 device. Right off the bat when I browsed over the images I was floored by the detail. If the images don’t do it for you completely, then watch the video. You’ll most certainly want to get your hands on this game.


Not much is known about Codex just yet but there are a few tasty tidbits that have blown in by the wind. If you couldn’t already gather from the screenshots and teaser video, the game will be a similar style to Infinity Blade. A swipe to attack, battle action RPG that will hopefully have a decent story attached to it. The game will run on Unity’s 3D engine. Eye candy? Sure. Load it on thick and make sure I can have seconds. Rumor is that it will also support some sort of online multiplayer. A PvP setup will most likely be the direction this will end up heading, and so far the game looks like it could be a lot of fun.


While this looks like a promising title and I’m willing to bet we will see its release by summer, it will probably release as a Tegra 4 exclusive at launch. As with many Tegra based games though the exclusivity ends up dropping later on down the road, so hope is not lost that we may see this playable on our nexus 7 tablets. Here’s hoping! CES is fast approaching. Once we learn more of this game (hopefully from the show) we’ll be sure to update you on the goodies. Until then enjoy some of the screenshots and the video below. I’ve already watched it three times.