Automatic Digital Boarding Passes for Certain Airlines Comes to Google Now

January 14, 2013 - Written By Christina Gardner

When it comes Google Now there are not too many complaints that I hear in regards to the app. The voice search and overall app in general is impressive for many.  Since its release, Google Now keeps adding more and more features that seem make it better and better. What’s the latest addition to Google Now? Google is adding the ability to get airline boarding passes that can be done electronically through Google Now. Talk about advancing with technology right?

Today their automatic boarding pass system went live, Google then shared via Twitter, and released a video as well.  The new update features:

  • Finding Flight Confirmations and display via notification bar (optional feature)
  • “Automatically” make a “digital boarding pass. “

This newest update will only work with certain airlines that have agreed to use this features. The names of the airlines have yet to be released. However, this feature will make it so that a pass is already created via Google Now, and “ready” once you arrive. Then all you have to do go through security and that’s it. Seems to be a little too good to be true especially when it comes to airports, but we’ll go with it.

This will save you time and paper of course instead of having to print off your pass, and then waiting in the never-ending line. All you have to do is let them scan the QR Code on the digital pass at the gate once you have cleared customs and security of course. The only thing that could go wrong is your battery dying, and then you would be in a bit of trouble.

Another requirement besides having an airline that works with Google Now’s new feature will be making sure you have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  Of course, this has just been announced so I’m sure there will be several quirks and bugs to find before one could say whether it is truly good or not.

At this rate you’ll be able to do just about everything from your Android device. What does the Android community think about Google Now’s newest update? Is Google taking it too far, or are they just continuing to make Google Now better and better?  Let us know below!


Source: Android Community