Audi's 2014 Lineup to Feature Nvidia Tegra Support

As it would turn out, tablets and smartphones aren't the only machines that will offer Nvidia Tegra support. Audi just announced that their upcoming 2014 vehicles will feature the Tegra chipset in the newest in-dash computer which the company has branded the "MIB."

Unfortunately, the acronym does not stand for Men in Black.

MIB stands for modular infotainment platform, at least in Germany. The MIB's specific purpose is to provide live traffic information, and integrated turn-by-turn navigation support using the Google Maps service. The in-dash computer can also adjust cabin temperatures in the connected vehicle amongst a plethora of other convenience options. Additionally, it can adjust different driving functions and perform accurate diagnostics on the vehicle itself. Cue in the pesky alerts to change your oil. Then again, I'm of the mind that if you own an Audi and you can't afford to change your oil at the recommended times, you have no business owning one.

Currently, the MIB is only obtainable in the European model of the Audi R3, but that list will soon be expanded to include Audi's upcoming 2014 lineup. Until now, the MIB has been exclusively available in Europe, but with the 2014 models it will now be available in several countries, including the United States.

Thanks to the Nvidia Tegra chipset, Audi certified mechanics, and qualified tech tinkerers, will be able to update the MIB's processor as the industry grows. This essentially means that your in-dash system can actually be upgraded to match the tech industries future projects. Audi vehicles will always feature the latest and greatest in interior vehicle navigation and entertainment systems. Naturally, apps begin to demand more and more power over time, and instead of being forced to get a whole new in-dash system, or a new car, you can just upgrade the internal hardware. No doubt this is good news indeed for Audi enthusiasts.

Audi isn't just hoarding the technology for their own vehicles though. They're actually proposing that alternate auto makers make use of the nifty technology in their own models. This would allow the company to gain a large foothold in the industry, provided other manufacturers actually take advantage of the MIB system.

This will benefit consumers in the long run, especially when you consider the fact that Audi's in-car systems are usually pretty slick in form and function. Pretty soon, Mom might even be able to show off her attractive MIB system that was just installed in her minivan.

Although, I'll admit that the idea of any soccer Mom going around and showing off their in-car system to everyone is a little disturbing.

You can bet that more information about the Audi MIB system will be available over the coming months, so be sure to stay tuned here at Android Headlines.

Source: PC World

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