Android is on the Rise Across Asia and the World; iOS on the Decline


In Singapore in 2010, iOS was running on more devices per capita than anywhere else in the world, but it looks like the times they are-a-changing.

Between 2010 and January 2012, iOS usage between iPhones and iPads peaked at a high of 72% of all mobile usage, but as of this month iOS usage has fallen by over 20% to 50% overall. Android devices were at 20% saturation over the same period and are now up to 43% of the total market.

This is the trend all across Southeast Asia. Hong Kong, another Asian trend-setter, had an iOS saturation high of about 40%. The use of Apple's mobile operating system is now down to a mere 30% total, while Android accounts for around 60% of all mobile use.


The reason that this is important is that Singapore and Hong Kong are major trend setters across all of Asia, along with South Korea. They hint at the worlds electronic use bearings and as it goes, where Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong lead, the rest of Asia and then the world follow close behind.

There is actually a term for this. Market analysts are calling it iPhone fatigue or Apple fatigue, and the Asian analysts have not been shy in their reasoning for this swift change. As it turns out, the people of this region are not very brand-loyal. They follow the trends of Korea and that means that as soon as many people own a product, especially an electronic staple like the iPhone, it is no longer "cool" or the "in-thing" to be seen with that device. This is especially true for a device that has only made subtle design changes over several iterations of the product.

"iPhones are like Louis Vuitton handbags," said marketing manager Narisara Konglua in Bangkok, who uses a Galaxy SIII. "It's become so commonplace to see people with iPads and iPhones, so you lose your cool edge having one."


This is by no means us saying that Apple and their iPhone are on their way out. There are still Apple stores all across Asia with lines out the door just like the rest of the world. What we're saying here is that Android is on the rise around the world and will continue to be Apple's number one competitor. The trends of Asia, as far as electronics are concerned, seem to make their way around the world. Android has made a big move on the market in the past two years especially with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy line and the Nexus Program. We are very excited to see what is to come with the future of Android. Every day we see more top-of-the line Android devices released and every day we see more of those devices being used on the streets of cities around the world. This is a trend that we as Android faithful are all happy to watch play out, with hopes that this propensity carries over to our shores.

Source: Reuters


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