Android Game Spotlight: Eufloria HD

January 11, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

I’m not a huge RTS fan, and by that I mean I’m just not AS into them as I am other types of games. I do enjoy them quite a bit though so in this week’s spotlight I’m going to focus a little on the RTS genre and how it makes a mark on android in a big way with Eufloria HD.

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First off, Eufloria HD is not your typical RTS style game. It’s a bit of a mix of RTS with ambient strategy, mostly RTS though. The game boasts wonderfully engaging visually stimulating backgrounds and art paired with a calm and sometimes energetic musical soundtrack that is, just like the game says when you open, most enjoyed with headphones. I can’t stress this enough. Having played many games on my phones and tablets that have this same recommendation, play the game with headphones to fully enjoy the sounds and really get into the ambient soundtrack of the game. First showcased in the humble bundle for android # 4, Eufloria HD is such a fantastic little game; I’m kind of surprised I didn’t start playing until just a few days ago.

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The game is elegantly executed in such a way that it was actually hard for me to put it down to write about it. I find it that intriguing and I am quite entranced by the mix of relaxing background music and strategy based game-play. As soon as you begin the game you are greeted by a quaint and helpful little tutorial that explains the basic idea of the game and things like the rate of play options (consisting of relaxed and challenging play styles) and the use of the speed moderator within the game during play. The first level is more of a learning curve. You learn how to explore space and must colonize different asteroids by sending seedlings to surrounding asteroids. The goal in the beginning is to plant a tree on your first asteroid, which requires a certain number of seedlings to plant and grow. As the tree grows, it generates more new seedlings which you can then send to other nearby asteroids.

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Each level will have its own goal which is outlined by what is to be looked at as the game’s narrator, otherwise known as the mother tree. You will be given instruction on what to do and how to do it throughout the first few levels. Once you pass through a few of them, the helpful tips seem to be more scarce yet you are still told what your goals are. Ultimately, the main goal throughout the entire game is to colonize asteroids in space by sending your seedlings to plant a tree. This may sound easy, but beware as all unexplored asteroids could potentially hold an enemy tree that is growing and spawning enemy seedlings. Their job is the same as yours. Colonize unexplored and unidentified asteroids, and guard the ones they occupy while killing off any incoming invaders.

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Eufloria actually has a beautifully master worked rhythm about it that will surely keep you wanting to play for hours. And you can, as there are 25 levels in story mode that offer hours of game-play. The amount of hours will vary depending on how fast your rate of play is, as stated above though you can slow down the speed of the game as well as swap out your play style through the options menu to relaxed, which might suit the players that like to take their time with a game and fully enjoy every aspect of what it has to offer. Eufloria HD also offers a Relaxed play mode which will take things back to a slower pace for a longer more enjoyable gaming session much like the relaxed play style inside story mode. In addition to story and relaxed, once unlocked through regular play you can hit up Dark Matter mode for a more stylish way to play as well as replay skirmish levels over and over. Omni systems was quick to also note that many of  the levels are procedurally generated so they’re different every time you play them. I am really excited about the replay value that Eufloria HD has to offer and I can only hope I have sparked some interest in it for other gamers out there. Eufloria HD is wonderful and deserves to be shared with everybody. If you like RTS style games this is truly one title not to overlook. It is uniquely satisfying in such a way that you will forget about what is going on around you. All other developers should take note, because Omni Systems Limited has struck gold!!! The game will set you back $4.99 but trust me; it is deeply immersive and well worth it. If you wish to try it out before you buy, Omni systems was thoughtful enough to offer up a demo version of the game which is also available in the Play Store alongside its full featured brother. Check it out, and let me know what you think.