Android App Marketing 101 for Devs


Are you an Android app developer? Feel like you make great apps, but just have trouble getting the word out there? Fiksu can help you out.

Fiksu offers a 26 minute Android App Marketing 101 webinar. The webinar gives an in-depth breakdown of the market share of Play Store and IOS App Store, shows the advantages of Android app development over IOS app development and gives some great insight into Android app marketing and Android users overall.If you are a developer and wondering why Android app development is so important, take a look at the smartphone market share.


If you are new to Android app development and coming from another platform here are the top 5 tips to adapt your marketing strategy to Android:

  1. Maximize potential of search on device
  2. Integrate app name with logo, and remove from app title
  3. Spend with ad networks to acquire more high quality users
  4. Use 100% closed loop attribution to measure direct return on investment of paid marketing campaigns
  5. Gradually ramp up spending to increase category and overall rank over 2-3 month period

Fiksu also breaks down the Google Play search algorithm to help you optimize your app to be searched. Their top recommendation for search optimization is to include keywords in the title, it is the most important element for rank.


Their overall main points for Android app marketing are:

  • Think like a big brand
  • Look forward
  • Leverage lower user acquisition costs

Get your brand name out there, when people search your brand name and download your app your search ranking increases. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to make a name for yourself.Get your app reviewed by as many android news sites as possible the more press coverage the better for your rankings.We offer a review service which is perfect for android app marketing. Always look to the future, not to the past. Look for opportunities to make profit from your apps because there is always some new opportunity and with Android growing rapidly there will be plenty more. You should also take advantage of the low user acquisition costs because a downfall to Android's rapid growth could be higher costs.

Just some of the main points were outlined here, if you're serious about making a profit from Android app development make sure you check out the full webinar.


Source: Fiksu