Alleged Parts from HTC's M7 Leak Out


Leaked screenshots and spec sheets are fairly common these days but, this leak is a little different. Somehow, it looks like somebody has gotten their hands on what look like parts from HTC's upcoming M7, and they look a lot like parts from Verizon's Droid DNA. Much like the Nexus 4 before it, the M7 is starting to look like a phone that doesn't need an official announcement, especially considering we all know it's going to be a lot like the Droid DNA on Verizon.

As always, we hope you have your salt at the ready but, these leaked parts certainly look the real deal but, salt is always nice, right? So, the leaked parts in question are rear and front housings for the M7 and they do look a lot like the Droid DNA, especially where shape is concerned. The parts have been obtained by ETradeSupply and in the video below you can see them compared to parts of the One X we all know and love – well, present company at least – and the Droid DNA.


From the video you'll note that there seem to be a lot of differences between the DNA's housing and the supposed M7 housing. Depending on your outlook on smartphone design you're going to prefer one over the other. With the M7 there's little to no metallic detailing as found on the Droid DNA but, there is – finally – a dedicated camera button, which is going to make a lot of folks pretty happy indeed. Again, there is no notification light on the back of the phone – or at least there is no space for one anyway. It's beginning to look like the M7 is a refining of the Droid DNA design and HTC could be looking to go for the minimal look.

So, are these the real deal? I wouldn't put money on it but, they've got a lot going for them when it comes to credibility. Where it all falls down though is in the fact that our friends over at ETradeSupply will happily sell you the parts for $52.04 for the pair, which is nice of them, right?

[Source: ETradeSupply]

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