ZTE's U887 is an Affordable 5-incher; Phones to Get Bigger Throughout 2013?


If there's one thing that has always seemed a little strange in this whole smartphone revolution that's been happening for the last few years is that phones have ballooned in size. Do you remember the days of the humble Nokia getting smaller and smaller? Flip phones were invented to reduce the size of our phones and yet with the rise of the smartphone we've long since thrown these ideas in the trash and smartphones have never been as big as they are now. Some time ago 4-inch smartphones were what we called the "sweet-spot" and then 4.3" became the "limit" but then, 4.7" became the "limit" and now it looks as if 2013 is going to be the year of the 5" smartphone. The Galaxy Note has become an immensely popular line of phones and with the Note II available on all the major carriers, more users than ever have swapped to a larger phone.

Affordable 5-inchers are coming out from the woodwork now, with Samsung having just announced the Galaxy Grand and now ZTE with their U887. Not everybody wants or needs an expensive Full HD device like the Droid DNA and more importantly, not all the manufacturers out there will want to sell you one. The latest phone to offer huge size at low cost is the U887 from ZTE and in typical form from the Chinese company it's going to be an affordable (read: budget) option that won't break the bank – nor will the specs set your heart a flutter:

  • 5-inch WVGA LCD – that's 800 x 480…again.
  • 1.2 Ghz single-core processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB of internal storage – with a microSD card slot
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. 

zte-1-jpg (1)


As you can see from the specs, this thing really isn't meant for the high-end or even the mid-end but, what's important about this is that the 5-inch form-factor is something a lot of firms around the world think they can sell to everyone. Budget-minded consumers are normally not geared towards buying a larger-sized device but it's beginning to look like bigger smartphones are here to stay and here for all. We really wouldn't be surprised if CES and MWC to follow it, are going to be shows packed full of larger-sized devices and hopefully, we should see some more devices with 1080p displays.

[Source: PhoneArena]

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