YouTube App Updated with New UI For 10-inch Tablets


When we think about Android, we think about tight integration into all of Google's products and services. GMail isn't as good on any mobile platform as it is on Android and there's no denying that Maps and Google Earth are better on Android. Now, add that to the fact that we've been treated to a pretty good YouTube app for some time now and you can safely say we have it pretty good as citizens in Google's court. It's not surprising – Google create Android but, it's still nice to know that we get the experience that Google intended us to have.

YouTube is one of those things that pretty much everyone has come across on the Internet and if they haven't – then that must be a pretty big rock, indeed. YouTube is such a large part of the Android eco-system that it was one of the most polished apps from Google when they launched Honeycomb almost 2 years ago and it's stayed much the same ever since. Which is fine and all but, we've seen YouTube on the web go through a number of changes and a recent redesign – making the venerable tablet app feel a little dated. Google has seen the light and has recently updated the app to feature a new layout on tablets of 10" and above.


We presume they've done this to coincide with the site-wide launch of the new look YouTube and it's probably going to look a lot nicer on the Google's new Nexus 10 tablet that is certainly more than well-equipped to play HD YouTube thanks to its high resolution of 2560 x 1600. Of course, it might not be to everyone's taste but it is certainly a breath of fresh air.

It's hardly surprising to see that Google have done this and I actually think that it looks a lot better than it did beforehand. I doubt it'll be too long before we see folks around the internet complaining about this change to the service as they did when the new look website went live. What do you think of the new YouTube? And what of this new app update? Is it a good thing or are you clamoring to downgrade?

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