Verizon Wireless 'Accidentally' Publishes Jellybean OTA Support Docs for Samsung Galaxy S3



Rumors were heard and discussed that Verizon would be putting out the Jellybean 4.1 update to the S3 around December 14th, and just today they posted the below image making the update 'look' official. Yay! Even though I'm sure many are excited about this update, it's only 4.1 and the latest is Jellybean 4.2.1. It's progress though, which is always good in my book.




Verizon approved the update and then released it, or so it would have seemed according to the support documents. You will notice from the image above that Verizon made a few tweaks of their own to it. Google Now is referred to as Google Plus. Not sure what that is all about, but I'm wondering if there was a possible mistake, or Verizon really is showing Google how they truly feel.


The update  also included:

  • Upgraded Notifications
  • 'Smarter' Widgets
  • Project Butter

The other feature development for this update is ISIS Mobile Wallet support. We've heard for quite some time how big red decided they didn't want to support Google Wallet due to the complications it presented hardware wise, but instead wanted to their own mobile payment system. Why? To get more money of course! Like Verizon doesn't pinch us for every penny as it is.

That truly isn't the reason they chose to go with the ISIS Mobile system, those are just my feelings on the matter. ISIS is only available in certain locations that are set up for testing, so those who may be excited for a chance at ISIS will have to wait until it is fully operational from Verizon's standards, and who knows how long that could take. They seem to deem in 'perfection' when it comes to testing updates and applications.


Now for the bad news….

Not shortly after the support page went live, for some reason Verizon pulled it and rolled it back to a different update, which is NOT 4.1. I repeat, Verizon DID NOT update the Samsung S3 to Jellybean 4.1. Strange? I would think so, as you can clearly see the image on their site stating otherwise before it was pulled.

What do you think happened?  Tell us your thoughts, because we are just as puzzled as the rest.

Sources: Droid Life / Verizon




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