Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader Unlocking is a Success, But Still Needs Work



When it comes to Verizon they are always trying to find some way to lock down the devices they sell to consumers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is no different, Verizon even launched it with their very own branded home button. This would be typical of Verizon as always, but I'm always confident in our Android community developers, and I know they will always find a way to help those in need.

Adam Outler, a community developer has found a way to unlock the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bootloader! That is awesome news, however before you start celebrating, there has been no documentation provided on how he managed to crack this process. Further testing is needed, and Adam is sure to keep the community up-to-date on his progress on his G+ timeline since that happens to be how he originally shared the good news. Once the process has been fully tested, we are sure he will give out the information, but only until the process is fully tested.


It may also look like not everyone may be able to unlock their Galaxy Note 2 bootloader. According to a source at Phandroid, "exploits used might require a mod chip." Again, this is all speculation and nothing has been written in stone yet. Outler is sure to be looking for easier solutions that will enable all to have an unlocked Galaxy Note 2.

With that said anyone who decides to try to unlock any device should know that we merely report the news on the ulocking, tweaks, mods, and other rooting processes and do not encourage anyone to toy with their device or hardware unless they are absolutely certain they know what they are doing.

If you want to keep on the loop regarding the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 unlock, following Adam Outler would be my suggestion since he's currently working on the device unlocking methods, and posting updates on the status of the testing phases.


Does this give any Galaxy Note 2 holders excitement and hope? I know I have been looking into possibly purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and also have Verizon as my carrier, so the fact the process is already in the works definitely is encouraging news to hear even for me!

Sources: Adam Outler / Android Authority

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