Verizon Grants Secure Element Access to ISIS, Yet Denies Google Wallet for Accessing the Secure Element?


Something sounds a bit fishy. Earlier this month we found out that Verizon had been blocking Google Wallet because it requires access to the secure element in your device. Okay that's fine. But now that ISIS is kinda sorta launching, we find out that it requires access to the same secure element and yet Verizon is allowing it access. Basically the problem with Google Wallet, at least in Verizon's opinion, is that Google would have to completely strip out the NFC functionality to make payments with Google Wallet. But doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of Google Wallet? Yes, and that's what Verizon wants.

Verizon says that ISIS had to pass a certification to be granted these special permissions, but big red never stated if Google was given the opportunity to go through this certification as well or not. Is anyone really surprised that ISIS is getting special treatment? Well you shouldn't be since Verizon is backing ISIS.


Before Google wallet was announced, we heard that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon were teaming up to back ISIS. Leaving Sprint as the only carrier not to be on the ISIS bandwagon. But AT&T and T-Mobile have allowed Google Wallet on their devices, so it's very unlikely that Verizon is keeping Google Wallet off their devices due to conflict of interest. It'll be interesting to see what excuse Verizon comes up with this time. Hopefully the FCC does get in there and find out whats really going on with Verizon and Google Wallet. I'm sure their customers would love to have Google Wallet on their NFC enabled device.

Now we all know Verizon is all about money, that's the main reason why they got rid of unlimited data and switched to shared data plans. Although they claim most people use between 1 and 2GB per month, why get rid of unlimited data then? But that's a rant for another time. As much as Verizon is making this about security, I don't believe it. I still think its all about money. So what are your thoughts? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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