Verizon Galaxy S3 Owners, You Might Be Getting An Early Christmas Present! Jelly Bean Update On Its Way

December 11, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So far all of the major US carriers have pushed the Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean update to their variant of the Galaxy S3, except for one. Yes, you guessed it, Verizon. They seem to always be the last to push out an update. So far we don’t have anything set in stone as to when the update will be available, but the listing on Verizon’s website for the Galaxy S3 shows it in Jelly Bean flavoring. Which means it could be coming anyday now. We’ve already seen reports that it’s due to hit devices starting this Friday, December 14th. So we’ll keep our eyes out for it.

We’ve already seen what Jelly Bean looks like on the Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. It’s very similar to the Galaxy S3’s Ice Cream Sandwich build, except for the Google Now icon on the lock screen, and the expanded notifications. Now of course Verizon is probably going to add the Amazon App Store Suite that came on the HTC Droid DNA, when it launched a few weeks ago. As its another way for Verizon to add even more bloatware to your device.


The image we have above showing the widgets, of course is basically stock Android 4.1 aside from the status bar. But we all know it’s going to look different when the final version is released. So this looks like possibly Apex or Nova launcher on the Galaxy S3? We know Samsung is going to put their Touchwiz launcher on the device. Which it actually isn’t all that bad of a launcher and skin, still a bit cartoonish in my opinion.

We’ve seen many leaks for the Verizon Galaxy S3 lately, so hopefully this is the real deal and our friends over on big red can enjoy some Jelly Beans before Christmas comes. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise given it is a Verizon device? We had expected to see the update in January or later. But hey we’ll take this kind of surprise any day. So who’s excited to finally be getting some Android 4.1 on their Verizon Galaxy S3? Let us know in the comments.