Trova: A New Open Source Media Platform


Introducing a new Open Source media, gaming and services platform. Trova does pretty much everything you'd want your TV to do. Trova allows you to create games, apps, films and much more content that can be view-able around the world. It's great for getting those aspiring developers and film makers the push they need to get more people to use their games and apps or films.

Trova also allows you to centralize, interact and view all of your multimedia content on the big screen through a variety of ways. Trova is also the smallest, sleekest set-top box available. It'll cost you just $99. Which is the price of Apple's TV.


The full press release is below:

TROVA announces the first global digital content marketplace for TV
Trova's Android-based set-top box gives you full control of your TV

San Jose, CA (PRWeb). Trova Networks announced today the beta development of the first fully comprehensive, global digital content marketplace. Designed to give users absolute control over their televisions, Trova transforms the TV into a full-featured, open entertainment platform with everyone's favorite shows and movies, games, social media, and even user-generated content.


Smartphones and game consoles have rapidly leapfrogged over the traditional television platform, which continues to be dominated by cable companies pushing bloated content packages and little else. The next-generation concept of Trova is to deliver a fully open, Android-based platform to the TV, transforming television viewing from a passive activity to one in which the viewer is an active participant.

Trova's "all in one" entertainment approach works by providing the latest technology, including a sleek, Android-bas ed set-top box with a quad-core processor for the highest quality audio/video experience available. With abundant capacity in the cloud, users can create their own personal collections, and centralize all of their multimedia content on any screen.

"TV isn't just for watching any more," said Jonatan Schmidt, Trova's Chief Strategy Officer. "It's for participating. Besides having full control over what programs and movies you have available, Trova is also the perfect platform for gaming enthusiasts as well as game developers." While users can enjoy the latest Android games on the big screen, developers can use Trova as a platform for profitably distributing their most entertaining games. Schmidt notes that Trova isn't limited to movies, social media and music. It can also be used to interact will bill pay, banking, businesses, schools, telemedicine and medical records, government agencies and more. In addition, the secure ecommerce functionality mak es it easy to make purchases and find out more about your favorite products.


Trova's content network will also deliver more movies, shows, and documentaries, drawing on their rapidly growing network of global content networks, effectively rendering the old cable TV model obsolete. "Besides content from some of the most well-known producers worldwide, Trova is also a distribution medium for indie producers of films, shows, documentaries and how-to series, making it a useful tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses that have until now been locked out of the market," added Schmidt. "Whether you're watching, playing, sharing or producing, buying or selling, Trova has something for you."
The Trova set-top box will be available for just $99 in the second quarter of 2013.

About Trova Networks:
Trova Networks is comprised of experienced technology industry executives who have delivered forward-thinking, tech-driven solutions across various industries, worldwide. Our founders' innovations have proved disruptive in the financial services, payments, payment terminal, digital media, and telephony industries, and – with leadership comprising over 50 years of experience in corporate and startup technologies, executive management, and strategic/tactical execution – we have been able to build relationships with, and gain access to, key technology players throughout the globe in bringing TROVA to fruition. Having established a core group of elite hardware developers, software developers, and sales and marketing professionals – and currently pre-launching the initial infrastructure, service platform hardware, and interface units – Team TROVA is poised to completely revolutionize the digital entertainment space.

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