Top 10 Best Android Games of the Month – December Edition


It's been some time since we presented you with the Top 10 Games of the month and last time that we did, we had a good month for games. This past month…not so much. While it's not exactly been a drought, it could have been far better and if we're honest, we're banking that the big game developers have some games ready to release towards the 25th. It's been an okay month for games and there's certainly enough to present you with some good options. If you're looking for some games to try out over the weekend then read on to find out the best Top 10 Games from this past month.

10. Retro Racing


Let's face it, we all like a bit of nostalgia in our lives and when we look back to the games of our youth, the best where often racers. With Retro Racing you can get a feel of what is was to play a racing game back in the day and if you've never played anything like this before then you'll have a lot of fun looking back at the past. For something fun and light, give this a try.

9. Sleepwalker's Journey


If you're looking for something a little different to try then why not give this a go – you have to interact with the scenery of every level in order to guide our sleeper to safety. It might sound a little trivial but, the level design is absolutely stunning and it'll certainly draw you in. Give this a go if you want something different and it's also a good game to play with the kids as well.

8. Curiosity


The latest game from Peter Molyneux and studio 22cans is certainly a strange one and it's often a difficult one to explain. All you do is to load the game up and then you dig away at the first layer of a cube. It's this that forms the game and you can come across marks other people have left in a structure that will only stand hours or a day or so at a time. The game draws heavily upon your actual curiosity and it's certainly a game that will have you hooked within minutes.

7. Hamilton's Great Adventure

Previously released on consoles and PC, you could sum up the game as Temple Run as a board game. It's got that same sort of grid like feel to it but there's definitely more of a purpose to the game. There are only so many ways you can complete a level and you have to collect coins and combat enemies in a thoughtful manner. The game is perhaps a little pricey but there's no denying the game is a looker. Charging the same for an expansion pack though? Not cool.


6. Predators

This one is for those who are fans of sci-fi and don't mind a little bit of violence with their games. If you've seen the films then you can essentially figure out what you'll be doing…hunting and killing. Throughout the game you assume the role of a Predator and you'll be tasked with hunting humans down and killing them. The game plays really well and if I'm honest it plays a lot like a PS1 game, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Well worth a look if you want a bit more action to your mobile games.


5. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Gameloft's latest is an attempt to bring in fans of Diablo, League of Legends and more. It's certainly going to appeal to players of those games as well as bring in some new players. It's not often that Gameloft do something like this but, for once, this has some character to it. If you're into your dungeon crawling and games like that, then playing 5v5 is going to get you excited. Even if you don't know 4 other people willing to play, the game does offer AI and you'll have a comparable experience all the same.


4. Angry Birds Star Wars

It was inevitable that we would talk about games and not have a slot for the sqauwking kings of mobile games. Their Star wars game is something I'm sure a lot of you have been playing and will enjoy the new Hoth update. If you've not got round to checking it out yet, you take a look at our review here. It might be more Angry Birds but if you're looking to give those birds another shot and happen to be a massive Star Wars fan then there's a win-win situation here, don't you think?


3. Yesterday

For fans of point-and-click adventures, Yesterday is definitely one of those games that you'll come to love. It's got some stunning art to it and comes with masses of character. It's got a brilliant story to it as well. It's well worth checking out and it's so gripping that letting you on anything would ruin it. So, go ahead and give it a go.

2. Top Gear Stunt School Revolution

Lovers of Top Gear need to go ahead and install this game, it's as simple as that. It's a really fun game that will have you doing much of the crazy stuff they do on the TV show, wherever you are. It might not have some of the showiest graphics out there but, it's well worth a look and is great for fans of the series.

1. Arcane Legends

If you're one to enjoy MMORPGs on your PC at home then it stands to reason that you'll want to experience them on the go as well, with Arcane Legends you can do. The company behind the game is no stranger to MMOs having brought Android the excellent Pocket Legends and more. It's a free-to-play RPG and it's best explored by playing the game for yourself.

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