The Elusive Audio Dock for the Nexus 7 Can Now be Pre-Ordered


For what must seem like forever for Nexus 7 owners, we've been hearing about a dock with audio-out for the tablet. Accessories are something that make a lot of devices a little bit better, in the fact that they expand the uses for the devices. For instance, with a dock that features audio-out you can easily hook this up to a stereo and turn it into a Google Music jukebox. Google aren't known for bringing accessories to market for their devices, which is a real shame but, they probably think that getting the device out of the door in the first place is trouble enough. The Nexus 7 dock was recently unboxed on YouTube and if it weren't for that particular unboxing you could claim that the dock never existed.

Well, now you can go ahead and Pre-Order the dock yourself – but not from the Google Play Store. B&H Photo have the Nexus 7's dock listed at $39.99 for pre-order, with no release date or estimated shipping time attached to it. It seems not only a little strange for such a device to be sold outside of the Play Store but also listed so close to Christmas. The holiday period is a notoriously difficult time of year to get new devices out into the market and we would've thought Google would want to minimize any issues concerning shipping of their devices – especially after the Nexus 4 fun. It seems that this device is being sold more by ASUS – the makers of the Nexus 7 – themselves rather than the search giant. Which we certainly don't have a problem with as a lot of people out there have bought the Nexus 7 from outside of the Play Store.

For a long time now I've put off buying a Nexus 7 – no, I'm not a crazy person – because of a lack of accessories. The rest of the staff here at AH will gladly tell you that I'm a freak when it comes to stands and docks, we have a little running joke that I "have docks, for my docks" which, while not being true, is not too far-fetched. What can I say, I like to stand things up. There are a lot of uses for a stand such as this and will make it easier – and safer, we presume – to plug the Nexus 7 into a speaker source and will look nice on a night stand or anywhere else around the house.


Screw it, I'm buying a Nexus 7 and 3 of these. How about you?

[Source: PhoneArena; B&H Photo]

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