SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Available; Go With the Flow Folks!


For a while now a lot of us have been waiting to get our hands on the latest keyboard from the folks over at SwiftKey – SwiftKey Flow – and its been teased since late October. If you had signed up to be in the beta then now is your lucky day as it's now available to you! If you're unfamiliar with SwiftKey Flow, it's essential their answer to the new Android 4.2 Gesture Type Keyboard and will hope to improve upon it with SwiftKey's crazy accurate word prediction. I've been using SwiftKey for ages now – partly down to the resizable keyboard – and sometimes I swear it's reading my mind. If this sort of word prediction is important to and you like Swype or the new keyboard in 4.2 then you're going to love this.

Recently, the company unveiled a new feature of SwiftKey Flow – Flow Through Space – which allows you to never stop typing and throwing in spaces when you want them by just swiping down to the space bar. It's certainly an intuitive way to go about gesture typing and I'm sure that a lot of you out there that are using Swype or even the 4.2 Keyboard will appreciate this new offering from SwiftKey.

If you want to see more of the keyboard in action, take a look at the video below:


Now, I mentioned that the Beta had been made available to those that I enrolled in the program well, even if you didn't, you can still do so over here and then go ahead and download the beta. There are now more after-market keyboards available for Android than there ever has been – which is a good thing – we all need choice in our lives and the choice to type on what we want has been present on computers for decades now so, why shouldn't we have the same choice on our pocket computers? It might seem a little strange for SwiftKey to compete with the latest release of the stock Android keyboard but, I'm pretty sure that SwiftKey have had this in development for some time now. Good news is that you can now try it out for yourself.



There are so many keyboards out there now and with SwiftKey Flow adding to the pile, we want to know what you're using and if you'd consider switching to Flow.

[Source: Android Police]

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