Sony Xperia Yuga Gets Some Specs Confirmed and New Photos

Sony seems to have become more serious about their flagship devices lately, and it's going to release a bunch of them in 2013, with one of them being the Sony Xperia Yuga. We've had some of its specs leaked before, but now Eldar Murtazin, who has leaked the specs of other phones before (including the Galaxy S3), is confirming some of the Yuga's specs as well.

The back of the phone seems to be flat, and made of glass, which seems to be a trend in the Android market right now with both LG and Sony adopting it. It's a trend I don't particularly like, as there are better materials out there to use, and it just seems that Sony and LG are skating to where the puck was, rather than where it will be. It just seems that they wanted to make phones like Apple with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but in a time when Apple has already moved away from that. And I've always found glass backs to be too fragile for the iPhone, so other than wanting to make something similar to Apple, I don't see why they chose to do it.

The Yuga also has a shutter key on the side of the phone, which is something more phones should have as phone cameras are becoming good enough to use in almost any situation, even when travelling, and a shutter key makes it easier and faster to take pics than touching the screen of the phone.

The screen of the device seems to be 5" in size, with a 1080p resolutions, which looks like will become the norm for 5"+ devices next year. The chip inside is apparently not the rumored Exynos 5 Quad, which may have finally made Sony competitive in performance next year with Galaxy S4 and One X2. Instead it looks like they will be behind once again, using only the S4 Pro, which is in this year's Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G, which doesn't look particularly good for a smartphone either, as it seems to overheat a bit under heavy load.

Eldar Murtazin doesn't seem to have identified the camera properly, but a new rumor says that it may pack a 16 MP shooter. A 16 MP shooter seems rather pointless to me, as it will only make the camera stand-out more from the body of the phone, and it won't necessarily improve the picture quality. Sony needs to use larger and better sensors, and let the pixels be large enough, too, not shrinking them further to accommodate for a 16 MP camera. There are also other innovations out there that can improve the picture quality. They should focus on those.

The Sony Xperia Yuga is probably not the final name, but we should hear more about it at CES in January.

[Via GSMArena Image Credit: Mobile Review]

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