Sony Xperia P, U, Go and Sola Finally Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update


It's an exciting time for anyone who owns the Sony Xperia P, U, Go, and Sola as you finally get the chance to update to Ice Cream Sandwich! I mean Ice Cream Sandwich only first launched on October 19 of last year, and the first device launched with Ice Cream Sandwich was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Well it's about time than Sony, it has only been a year or so! Not only do Sony lovers get to enjoy the goodness of Ice Cream Sandwich, but they also get some "performance tweaks and bug fixes." That is always great news for any device!

Things to be fixed in this update are:

  • Stability
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tethering/Portable Hotspot
  • Camera
  • NFC
  • Messaging

Now I'm not a great Sony device follower, but these are always good fixes when it comes to any device, because to many they are most important, am I right?

Most users will get the update via OTA, even if you are already on Ice Cream Sandwich. For those who are still on Android Gingerbread, you will need a "PC Companion or MAC bridge" to get the update, but that shouldn't be too difficult with directions provided by Sony of course. If you haven't yet gotten your update, it will indeed be coming so keep on the lookout. The update could come at different times considering carriers may intercept the update to make sure it is up to "their" standards.

So congratulations Sony lovers, it's always exciting when updates roll out, unless you're someone who has already been on Ice Cream Sandwich.


The only downfall is that it would seem to take carriers and some manufacturers too long to update. I think we all agree that updates should be pushed out to users and devices a lot sooner than a year right? A year just seems to be a long time especially since Ice Cream Sandwich is two updates behind. We now have Jelly 4.2.1, and lets not forget Jellybean 4.1! I can only hope Sony will not take as long to push out these updates as well, or maybe you won't even see Jellybean.

Is there anyone with these devices who has seen the update yet?

Source: Sony



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