Samsung's S Pebble Becomes the Muse, Goes on Sale for $50 in the US


Remember back in the day (May) when Samsung launched the Galaxy S III with all the fanfare and unnecessary references to nature that we have come to expect from Samsung? Well, there was another device announced that day, the S Pebble. The name was fairly descriptive, it literally looks like a pebble and it helps you take all your tunes on the road. The catch? It never actually went on sale in the US despite the fact that the Galaxy S III did quite well. The Pebble was clearly meant to be a companion piece to the GSIII, but it didn't even go on sale in Korea until early October.


Because of the delayed release (presumably) Samsung has decided to re-brand the S Pebble (try to say it five times in a row, what a terrible name) as the Muse. Amazon is already listing two varieties of the Muse. The white variety will run you $49.99 and if you'd like the blue model, you'll need to come up with an extra ten bucks. The hardware is certainly underwhelming:

  • 4 GB internal memory
  • 17 hr battery
  • Micro-USB port
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack


But what this device might really be missing is a pedometer and/or GPS functionality, for those of us who like to track our runs. There is also no Bluetooth or WiFi, so syncing your music will require physically plugging your Muse into your smart phone or PC. You are also out of luck if you want to stream music. There is a pretty neat companion app that will allow you to transfer music directly from your smart phone to the device which seems to work quite well. There are also the dimensions to consider; at 13.7 grams this thing hardly even exists. You could swallow the Muse under a very specific set of circumstances and not even realize it. (Please do not attempt to swallow any mobile device)


Are you an active person who might have a use for a tiny, cheap device that won't slow you down? Is the trade-off of size for features worth it to you?  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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