Samsung's Next Universal Audio Dock Gets Leaked Out Early


Here at Android Headlines, the staff will tell you that I'm downright crazy when it comes to docking stations and the such. I have a dock for each of my devices and in numerous different places. Some have sound – some don't. One thing is certain though, if there's a dock for a device I own – I'll be buying it. For a long time now I have had a Bluetooth audio dock from Philips on my night stand – the AS111 – and I really enjoy it however, it's not really the best looking of audio docks. Samsung look to change things on that front though, as it looks like they'll be unveiling a new Audio dock soon – if a recent leak is to be believed.

The leak comes from SamMobile and, with the few specs available we know that the dock will come packing 2 x 3W speakers and come in a range of colors – black, red and silver. Connectivity wise there are three options from Samsung, there's a standard 3,5mm in, Bluetooth 3.0 for a wireless connection and apparently there's microUSB onboard to keep your phone charged. Of course, with such low-powered speakers this thing isn't going to replace any dedicated system you have at the moment however, it should be fine for a night stand or a small room – such as the kitchen. We're to expect the device at CES but it could well wait until MWC in February. I would be surprised to not see it at CES though as this would be a good chance for Samsung to show that they don't just make great Android phones, but everything that goes with it.

I'm really interested to see what Samsung bring with them to CES in this regard – I'm a big music listener and have audio docks in the bedroom and the kitchen. To find room for another wouldn't be a problem for me either, as I always say – you can never have too many docks. It'll be interesting to see whether Samsung market this as a device for just the Galaxy S III and the Note II or target all Android users. It's certainly capable of supporting everything out there and I'd very much like to see Samsung taking the opportunity to bring it to all Android fans.


[Source: SamMobile]

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