Samsung's Galaxy S III is The Most Popular Phone in the UK; Nexus 4 Comes in At Number 5


As the resident UK member of staff, I often find myself looking at the US Wireless Landscape, rather than my own. It's been interesting to see how 2012 started off as a strong year for manufacturers shipping Android phones and quickly descended with the launch of the iPhone 5. Whether we like it or not, the iPhone is still a super-popular device and for a lot of people it's the only phone they'd consider buying. Here in the UK, I've noticed a lot of people swap to Android phones, because they were looking for something different and a lot of these people have been switching to a Samsung device.

The Galaxy S III is the UK's most popular phone in the UK. For the seventh month in a row, the S III is still the most popular phone here in the UK as, surveys from uSwitch, pre-orders, and pay monthly sales have shown. It's perhaps not too surprising to see the latest Galaxy S phone here at the top spot but, what is surprising is that the iPhone 4S takes the number 2 spot – not the new iPhone 5. This is certainly a little intriguing as it suggests that Apple's growth may well be slowing down or, come to a halt altogether. Ernest Doku – an analyst at uSwitch – has said that the 4S remains the biggest threat for the Galaxy S III. Signalling that the iPhone 5 hasn't taken off as Apple would have liked. Something that I'm sure keeps Samsung pretty happy right now and even if Apple have a good Christmas season with the iPhone 5, I doubt Samsung will be unhappy with selling 30 Million units and counting around the globe.

The Nexus 4, on the other hand, comes it at number 5 on the list is the new Nexus 4, a shock appearance considering that they're not only hard to get hold of but have only been on the market for a short time. It's interesting to see a Google device up towards to the top of the list and we hope that Google sort out their issues surrounding availability of the Nexus 4 to keep it right up there at the top.

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