Samsung Speaker Dock Shows Up on Amazon Germany; $170 Price Tag


It looks as though Samsung are getting ready to launch a new speaker dock to tie in with their Galaxy range of phones and it certainly looks like something we'd see paired with a Galaxy S III. The device leaked a few days ago and it looks set to be shown off by the Korean company at CES come next year. We're interested to see how Samsung position the device as it doesn't look like it's destined to replace any of our Hi-Fis just yet. The device is said to be packing just 2 x 3 W speakers, support for a 3.5mm input jack and Bluetooth. Making the dock technically universal however, the device does look very much like a device destined for the Galaxy line of phones.

Now, the dock has shown up on Amazon's German site with a price tag of €130 which runs around $170 in today's conversion. Certainly not a low price tag but, if these are to give out some good quality sound then they may just be worth it. The speaker docks will also come in a range of colors, such as black, red and silver. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that will like an accessory like this. I'd say that Samsung's prime audience is someone like me – who has to have a dock for everything and anything they own.



All in all, this could be the start of Samsung bringing some more devices – specifically designed for the Galaxy range – to market. I'm sure this formula will work well for Samsung and it will help to solidify their postion against Apple in this space. After all, it's no secret that Apple can claim to have accessories for all of their products and if Samsung can't get third-parties onboard then why don't they just make their own products?

Personally, I think these sort of accessories are good for an all round eco-system and if Samsung can market these right – like they have done with the Galaxy S III and the Note II – then they'll sell like hotcakes. I wonder what else Samsung is planning to show off at CES next year, what are your thoughts?

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