Samsung Shows Some Love to Original Galaxy Note Owners with the Premium Suite Update


Owners of the first Samsung Galaxy Note will be pleased to know they are not being left in the dark when it comes to software updates. Samsung just announced the Premium Suite upgrade for the first Galaxy Note.

Probably the best news about the Premium Suite is that it will include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right along with it. So, if you thought you were going to have to pick up the Note 2 just to taste some Jelly Bean goodness, you can think again!


Of course, the Premium Suite update will also include some unique features for the Note that brings its functionality up to par with its successor, the Galaxy Note 2. Some of the impressive features included in the Premium Suite update are as follows:

  • Multi-Window Browsing: Galaxy Note multi-tasking at its finest with pop up windows that work simultaneously with other apps and tasks. You can write notes while in the middle of a call, watch video while you're browsing the internet, or even respond to a text message while you're in the middle of doing something else.
    • Popup Note
    • Popup Video
    • Popup Browser
  • Photo Note/Photo Frame: Just like with traditional print photos, you can now record handwritten messages on your digital photos thanks to a new photo frame feature. The information is then displayed right along with the picture when you're browsing your image gallery.
  • Easy Clip: This is a relatively new feature that allows you to crop or trim an image, from within any screen on the device, to save or share via social networks. It also implements a remarkable feature that allows you to draw a line across text in order to select it; this will be extremely convenient if you copy and paste a lot on your Galaxy Note.
  • Paper Artist: This offers the more traditional photo editing features with a robust variety of filters and alterations. The real surprise is that you can actually edit photos by drawing on them directly in freehand. You can trace edges in various colors, add stamps or sketch the whole picture entirely. This feature will be perfect for all those artsy fartsy types out there.
  • Handwriting for S Planner/Email: Just like with Photo Note, you can also leave handwritten notes in your emails, and play around with S Planner. The sample image shows some hand-drawn reminders plastered all over the S Planner calendar. In addition, you can also send handwritten memos to yourself via email, as well.
  • Enhanced S Note: S Note has been fleshed out a little more with brand new effects and editing templates. There is also a new Sketch effect that can be used with personal photos and images. You simply select a color with the new Color Picker and then you can draw directly on images with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note Photo Frame Feature

Obviously, the new Premium Suite update will include all the new features from Jelly Bean as well, including Google Now support.


It's certainly refreshing to see Samsung supporting older devices for consumers that aren't quite ready to upgrade yet. Unfortunately, there's no official word on when this update will drop nor is there a release schedule available. That means Galaxy Note owners will just have to wait for some more detailed information. At least now you know Jelly Bean is coming, right along with some pretty impressive new features.

Check out the source link below if you want more detailed information on the new Premium Suite update for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Do you still own your original Galaxy Note? Are you still using it as a daily driver? Will you hold off for some of the newer devices slated to launch next year? Let us know your personal thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


Source: Samsung