Samsung Retains the Highest LTE Market Share, but Who Didn't See that Coming?



If you thought Apple was winning the current smartphone race, you're not alone. After all, I always thought that there are tons of iSheep out there, right? Wrong.


If you don't like math you might want to look away, because this piece is filled with it. I'm not counting with M&Ms or Sweetarts either, unfortunately.

According to Strategy Analytics Samsung took a giant bite out of the LTE market, with Samsung branded devices accounting for approximately 40% of total unit sales. The¬†analytics¬†specifically factor in LTE enabled devices only and examine just the LTE market share. Still, that's… wowsers. Way to go Samsung!

Of course, these numbers are probably due to the fact that Samsung just launched the Galaxy Note 2, in addition to the already successful, Galaxy SIII.


You know what's funny about that, or at least I'm sure you'll find it funny, because I don't. I switched from a Samsung to a Motorola at the time when Samsung was making some of the worst devices, and now Samsung is right back at the top, and Motorola is apparently closer to the bottom. Oh the many joys of being a consumer, but I digress.

Apple came in second with only 26.7% of the total market sales, which isn't much when compared to Samsung's numbers, but it's still a hefty chunk that has been detracted from other manufacturers like Motorola, and LG.

Samsung saw record numbers last quarter, because of the Galaxy SIII no doubt, which were rated at 50.9% of the total market sales. This quarter, they've lost nearly 10% of that market share despite retaining their role as the reigning champion.


LG's own market share dropped to 9.1%, which was previously at 15% only three months ago. With recent news of the Optimus G, and Vega R3 that market share is expected to increase by next quarter. Motorola Mobility also slipped, taking only 6.7% of the market, down from 15% last quarter.

I'm sure LG's market share will also increase even more so due to the unprecedented sales rate of the Nexus 4. It certainly pays to be branded as a Google phone!

Sure, these numbers may not seem like much to most of you, me included, but the real story here is that Samsung is on the way up. Surely this comes as a huge blow to Apple, right along with the recent news that Android tablets will soon rend the market from Apple's grasp.


System Analytics claims that the global market share will increase from about 9 million LTE subscriptions to 50 million. This information appropriately shows that the global market is growing at an alarming rate because everyone wants in on the LTE action. That begs the question, who wouldn't want in, LTE is perfect? I mean, aside from the terrible battery drain issues and lackluster coverage in most areas, of course.

What do the rest of you think about this news? Were you part of Samsung's 40% market share this quarter?

Source: Yonhap

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