Samsung Releases Premium Suite Update part 2, Brings Some Incredible New Features


Last week Samsung released part 1 of the premium suite update for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and today they have released part 2. This should be just what the doctor ordered to keep the Galaxy S III owners satisfied until the Android 4.2 update is ready for their device.

Part 2 of the update brings some nice additions to an already stout lineup of features, including:

  • Best Face, allows you to choose the best face of a person in five consecutive shots, and combine them into one photo
  • Camera Easy Snap, which uses TalkBack and face detection to tell you when a new face has entered the shot
  • Low-Light-Shot, allows you to take photos in the dark without a flash
  • Paper Artist, allows you to "decorate your photos"
  • Easy Mode, places the five most frequently used widgets on the home screen for easy access
  • Setup Wizard, the accessibility menu appears as soon as you turn on the device
  • Sound Balance, adjusts the sound balance on each side for users with unbalanced hearing

The addition of these features makes the Samsung Galaxy S III a truly smart phone. It's comforting to see a company show so much attention to their users with disabilities. Good job Samsung! The neatest enhancement is the Best Face feature, everyone knows how tough it can be to take group pictures, and with this feature you can take 5 consecutive shots of the group and selected the best face for each person in the group.

Keep in mind that this update may not be available to you immediately. It's rolling out based on your country and mobile carrier. Check out all the new features from part 2 of the update in the video below:


Did part 2 of the update bring features you've been looking for? What is your favorite feature that was added?

Source: UnwiredView