Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets an Unofficial WiFi Roaming Fix


Those who own a couple of Samsung devices, mainly the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus, may have noticed a little bug that gives their device difficulty in transitioning between different WiFi access points when access points overlap. Felixchris from XDA's forums have put together a nice hack that address one of three ways this bug manifests itself. Here are the three ways users may experience this bug:

  • Bug version 1: when connected to an access point (e.g. SSID_A), as you move to the area covered by a second access point (e.g. SSID_B), the phone never releases from the first point even though the signal gets very weak and the higher strength SSID_B is available. This particular version of the budget can be verified by turning off WiFi, then turning it back on again, at which point the device should associate with the second access point.
  • Bug version 2: very similar to version 1, but even after restarting WiFi, the phone still insists on connecting to the first access point, SSID_A.
  • Bug version 3: when connected to the first access point, SSID_A, as you move to the second access point, the signal strength seems to increase as the device searches for a stronger access point, but then drops the connection and after a short hiatus, re-establishes the connection. The easiest way to observe this is by the disappearance of the WiFi icon and an interruption in the connection.

The third version is one that the developer has created a hack or workaround for. Currently the fix is confirmed working on the International Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) and the GSM Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250). There are  a couple different versions of this mod available. There's one that requires root and a custom recovery and the other does not require a custom recovery but both mods do require root access.


So if you're having trouble with WiFi on your Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Nexus (GSM) you may want to try this mod out. You can hit the source link below to get the download and more information from XDA. If you flash this mod, let us know in the comments how it works out for you.

Source: XDA