Samsung Electronics to be Restructured into Two Entities


Apparently, Samsung has recently been reorganized into two entities that will handle different aspects of the business. Bare in mind that these are just rumors right now and we're all still waiting for an official announcement from Samsung. The company is said to be splitting into two different arms of the company. One arm of the company will take care of products like smartphones, tablets, cameras, TVs, Laptops – all the sort of stuff that is sold on the shelves will be handled by this division. This consumer division will be Choi Gee-sung. When it comes to the components that go into all of these devices – and go off to other manufacturers – like displays, processors etc will be thrown into another division and will be headed up by Kwon Oh-hyun.

The word out of Korea is that they've done this in an effort to stop information leakage. For instance, it has been claimed that Samsung Semiconductor would leak information surrounding the high-resolution iPad to the division in charge of tablets so they can work on something similar. Which is more than likely why there is a 10.1" 2560 x 1600 panel being produced by Samsung that is currently in use by the Nexus 10.

Does this sort of thing actually make a difference when such a large company has access to such information. There's not a lot to go on at this point but, something like this might not be a bad thing for Samsung as they do hold auctions to see who gets what contract when it comes to processors and things like that so perhaps this might help both Samsung as a consumer-facing company and an industry force.


As well as the restructure there is talk of Samsung announcing a push into health and biology. What that means is more than a little unclear right now but, we wouldn't be surprised if it tied in somehow with a Galaxy product. Bluetooth health monitors and that sort of thing could be the order of the day when it comes to "health and biology" for Samsung. We've been hearing that the company will announce some sort of re-branding at next year's CES but just what that entails we don't know. It looks as Samsung are ready to take things to the next level and we can't wait to find out what's on its way.

[Source: Android Authority]

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