Report: Longest lasting Smartphones Aren't High-End Devices – Surprised?


We all know how bad battery life is on our devices. In fact we constantly complain about it. But we really only complain about the high-end devices having poor battery life. Why is that? Well the most of use that are complaining are geeks like us who live and breathe Android. So we all have high-end devices like the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, etc. These are all relatively high-end devices, and the majority of the Android community owns these devices. Well Rootuninstaller has made a report of the top 15 battery friendly devices and the top unfriendly devices. Let's get started with the Top 15 friendly devices.



As you can see some of the top devices are Tablets. Starting with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, LG Optimus Pro and the Nexus 7. There are very few phones in the top 15 according to this report. Only the Galaxy Y Pro, Droid Razr HD, Xperia Miro, HTC One V, HTC Sensation 4G, Galaxy Ace, Huawei Honor and the Galaxy Ace Duos. Now how many of those are high-end devices? Pretty much just the Motorola Droid Razr HD. I guess you could call the Sensation 4G high-end when it was released. But the most of these devices are ones that aren't found in the US.


Now for the Top 15 Battery unfriendly devices. Most of these probably won't surprise you. Especially the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket 4G. That device was one of the first LTE devices on AT&T, and we all know the first LTE devices were horrible on battery life. But on the other hand it's rather weird to see the Sensation XL as the second worst and have the Sensation 4G on the Top 15 friendly list, especially since the differences are the XL has a larger screen and doesn't support T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. Now I wonder how the HTC Thunderbolt missed out on this list.



What about the top battery killer apps? That was included in the report as well (picture above). Surprising, well actually unsurprising, the most of these apps are part of custom Skins from HTC, Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers.

All of this data was collected by the Battery Stats Plus app, which is found on the Play Store. This was some pretty interesting information. It almost makes you rethink buying high-end devices. But will that stop us from buying them? Probably not.


Source: Rootuninstaller

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