Report: Google Working with Motorola To Create their own 'X Phone and Tablet'

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Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is working with Motorola to create its own smartphone. So far the phone is known internally as the “X-Phone”. This thing is due to come out next year, and is also said that this will not replace the Droid line of devices Motorola does for Verizon, but instead it’ll be an entirely new product. After this so called X Phone is complete, the “X-Tablet” will be next in line.

So who’s in charge of the X Phone and Tablet? Well it’s Lior Ron who is a former Google Product Manager. Ron previously specialized in mapping, which of course is a huge area for Google. Especially after the iOS Maps fiasco this past fall. It’s said that this project is particularly concerned with providing users a high-quality camera, and great photo software, this is something the Nexus line has really never been known for. You can put the camera right up their with the battery life on the Nexus.

There are some other technologies that have been said to be explored as part of the X Phone project, which include bendable screens and ceramic materials. This would make the device more durable. Currently it hasn’t been specified whether the X Phone design is finished or if either of those technologies will be a part of the final product. Motorola Mobility acquired Viewdle in October, and the X Phone is said to have that image and gesture recognition software integrated in the X Phone as well.

This is turning out to sound like a pretty sweet device. Of course we don’t know what version of Android it’ll be running, but hopefully Google will put the latest version available when the device is announced next year. At this point, all we can hope for is that this X Phone has a better lifetime than the Nexus Q did. Which never really made it to store shelves. This is a pretty interesting venture for Google. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with this in the coming weeks and months.