Polaroid to Make Android Camera with Interchangeable Lenses

Nikon and Samsung have already given their first shot at making an Android camera, but they've been quite disappointing so far, with Nikon being the biggest offender. Nikon, who apparently doesn't understand the "smart" part about the camera, and therefore Android, used Android 2.3 in their camera, when Samsung used Android 4.1. Using Android 2.3 made it undesirable by default for many Android users that may be looking at this camera.

In the same time, while Samsung made a very pretty camera with great display and Jelly Bean, it wasn't that good as a camera, definitely not for the price they were asking for it - $500. I think Samsung's mistake here was that they focused too much on the smartphone parts, and too little on the actual camera. I think they need to focus at least 60-70% on the camera itself, and making sure it's very good for the price.

The new rumored Polaroid camera may do just that, as it seems it will have higher quality Nikon lenses, which will also be interchangeable. Being able to change the lenses means that you'll be able to prolong the camera's life, and also to increase the image quality of its pictures.

The Nikon and the Samsung cameras looked more like higher-end phone cameras or like point and shoot cameras, but it seems this Polaroid one wants to go higher into the mirror-less camera territory, at least when it comes to pricing and image quality (it might not actually be mirror-less, but you get other benefits).

The Polaroid IM1836 camera will have an 18.1 MP sensor, a pop-up flash, a 3.5" touchscreen, and Android 4.0. As expected, they seem to have focused a little bit less than Samsung on smartphone features, but more than Nikon, while also increasing the camera quality.  So far there's no word on when this camera will appear on the market, but we might learn more about it at this year's CES.

[Via AndroidCentral]

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