OH Crap! Android Controlled Toilet


There are apps that allow you to control your television, your radio, even your washer and dryer, all with your smartphone. Now this same concept has trickled down into your bathroom time. Lixil, a Tokyo-based toilet company, has created a new line of "smart" toilets set to release in early 2013. This could be the start of a bigger movement.

Meet the Satis, a model of toilet that really knows how to take care of business. The toilet is Bluetooth enabled which lets users control the commode with their Android phone. The accompanying MySatis app makes quite a splash. With the app you can wirelessly raise and lower the seat, flush and activate the bidet stream. I suspect many Android enthusiasts will rejoice at the chance to customize every aspect of their bathroom experience with options to control the flush or bidet water intensity, or what songs to stream through the built-in speakers. I humbly suggest T.N.T by AC/DC, unless of course you prefer soothing music for relaxation.


People can use the app's Toilet Diary to record their usage history (for medical reasons maybe, or for the over-sharers like John) and check the water and electricity each flush consumes. That's nothing to poo-poo about; it can really help wipe away an otherwise high water bill.

Germaphobes will be truly relieved to have a toilet that will help minimize contact with the germy surface but the price might just stop them back up. The Satis comes in three different models that can cost as high as $4,540 or around 380,000 yen. Apple iPhone users need not raise a stink. I am privy to the knowledge that an iOS version is in the pipe works.

Since about three out of four people use their phone in the bathroom,  a smartphone controlled toilet was perhaps inevitable. Yes, the secret is out, reading texts and even calling is the number two activity most performed in the bathroom.


Now I could keep up with the bathroom puns, but I really have to go. Don't forget, AndroidHeadlines.com is your number one source for all your Android news, especially when you are on the throne.

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