Nexus 4 8GB Goes Out of Stock again! After hitting a 9-10 Week Shipping Estimate This Morning

And the bad news continues for those looking to pick up a Nexus 4. This morning on Google Play the device hit a 9-10 week Shipping Estimate, which means you won't get it until Valentine's Day 2013, that is if we make it through the Mayan Apocalypse that so many are afraid of. Later today the listing showed up as "Sold Out" once again. Which leads us to believe, will Google ever be able to get the Nexus 4 caught up enough so we can order it and expect within 3-5 days like the Nexus 7?

Currently the 16GB version is sitting at a 6-7 week shipping estimate. So it's kind of a surprise that the 8GB version sold out. Which means either more people are buying the 8GB than the 16GB or Google Planned for a lot more 16GB versions than the 8GB. Or it could be a bit both. Although we'll probably never know unfortunately.

This has been a pretty interesting Nexus launch. Probably the most interesting in Google Nexus history, am I right? I still stand behind my words that Google should have done pre-orders starting on October 29th when they announced the phone. They could have avoided a lot of this, and many more people would have their Nexus 4s by now because they could have ramped up production based on how many pre-orders they received. Who agrees?

We've already beat this topic to being a dead horse now. But Google really needs to change this for the next round of Nexus devices that'll come out in the summer or next fall. We'd hate to see a repeat of the Nexus 4 launch, right? Who was able to order their 8GB Nexus 4 already?

Now most people got a pretty long shipping estimate. Usually somewhere between 4-9 weeks depending on the model you bought. We aren't sure if you'll really have to wait that long or if that is just Google's insurance to keep people from calling up the Nexus hotline and complaining that they didn't get their phone on time. Either way we'll find out in a few weeks.

Source: Google Play

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