Motorola Upgrade Schedule Revised


Google owned Motorola updated their device upgrade page earlier today clarifying the schedules for the following devices:

  • ATRIX HD: Jelly Bean rollout in Dec. 2012
  • XOOM LTE: Jelly Bean rollout in Q1 2013
  • Electrify M: Jelly Bean rollout in Q1 2013
  • RAZR i: Jelly Bean rollout in Q1 2013
  • RAZR HD (Canada): Jelly Bean rollout in Q1 2013
  • ATRIX HD (Canada): Jelly Bean rollout in Q1 2013
"We know you value having the latest and greatest technology on your device. We are working very closely with Google and our carrier partners to bring you the best possible experience on each of our Android-powered devices. This means ensuring that all upgrades and updates enhance device functionality and provide an overall improved experience."

This is great news for owners of these devices because let's be honest, ANY news of software updates in the Android community is good news. We can only hope that Google's influence with the handset company goes well beyond the oft stated "patents" that are always mentioned when these two are in the same sentence. Clear communications about updates is the least we can ask for and of course our "white whale" is the Moto-Nexus.


There will now be a total of 13 Motorola devices running Jelly Bean in the United States and 3 up north in Canada. Curiously the hot selling  XYBoard 8.2 and 10.1 tablets were left off the list while the older Xoom editions, minus the "family" version will make the jump up. Of course the original Xoom is a "Google Experience" device so that's to be expected.

The site also states: "If your Android 1.5 ("Cupcake") through Android 2.3 ("Gingerbread") model is not listed here, it is not slated for any further Android operating system upgrades." These customers are directed to their trade up program where you can cash in your old un-upgradeable handset for a hundred-dollar rebate. Which to me is kind of a rip-off, I'd direct you to swappa where you get more bang for your buck.

Either way Motorola device owners now know when or if they're getting Jelly Bean and of course knowing is half the battle.