Motorola Takes Aim at Galaxy S III in Latest Ad


In the mobile space, there is always one company you can count on to bring their competitor's products into their advertising and that's Apple. However, they're not alone and it's something that Motorola have been doing for some time now, as well. Motorola have given us some laughs with their recent ads as well, poking fun at the new iOS 6 Maps in their RAZR M ads. Now though, it looks like Verizon's favorite Android manufacturer has turned on its Android competitors and has taken aim at the Galaxy S III.

The latest ads from Moto might not be as high-profile as their published ads against apple – only featuring on the company's official Facebook page – but they're certainly aiming for the S III's weak spots. In one of the new ads, Motorola make a point of the Samsung flagship's battery life, claiming the RAZR HD has 20% more battery life.

razr-vs-gs31-650x347While the the S III might not feature the best battery life it's certainly enough for a lot of people but, if you're anything like our Associate Editor, Alex, then you want all the battery life you can get. What I think is good is that Moto didn't bring the RAZR MAXX HD into this fight, as that's pretty much like bringing an assault rifle to a paint ball range.


razr-vs-gs32-650x351In their next assault Motorola were happy to point ou the new RAZR HD's quality hardware compared to the plastic finish on the Galaxy S III. Thanks to its KEVLAR coating it certainly screams durability and while it might not be invincible, with a water-repellent nanocoating it holds up well to everyday use. I think this is going to paint the Galaxy S III in worse a light than poorer battery life as that's pretty subjective, depending on how you use your phone.

With a lot of people relying on their smartphones on the go, they want to know that it's going to hold up to the usual gamut of daily use. The bumps, the drops – the nights out – you know, the usual. Samsung have been making phones from the same plastic coating for quite some time now and while it might be better on the Galaxy S III, there's always room for improvement and the RAZR HD is something I wouldn't be afraid of dropping every now and then.

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