MobileMount+ Just May Be The Perfect Camera/Car Mount for Your Android Phone


J & M Company, the same makers of the original MobileMount, takes to Kickstarter again to help fund the improved design of the MobileMount+ which now has the ability to thread into camera mounts.

Smartphones and tablets are great devices that can make your life much easier and lets you carry less when you are on the go. But trying to use one of these mini-computers as a video camera or GPS, for example, can be a hassle without the proper mount. MobileMount+ takes the same, simple all-in-one concept of these devices and uses that in the design of their mount that can be attached to a camera mount or car windshield. Just want to watch videos? Use it as a hands free kickstand for your Nexus 7 and enjoy the latest movies while relaxing.


The MobileMount+ can be used with any hand-held device with a flat surface. It uses two suction cups connected together with a threaded ¼ inch20 ball joint in that can be unscrewed to use with any camera tripod or accessory that supports the ¼ inch thread. If you don't happen to have a camera tripod on you, it can also be simply stuck any nearby flat surface. Any time you want to suddenly start filming a video or taking a picture, you can easily give in to the urge without worrying that you don't have the proper accessories.

Attach your tablet or smartphone to the suction cups and twist to lock which creates a strong vacuum between the suction cup and device. This is secure enough to hold for weeks instead of just a few hours. Attach the second suction cup to your car windshield or any other flat surface and use as a GPS or for on the go hands-free calling.

The unique design really lends itself to multiple uses and the MobileMount+ just might become an accessory to your device as important to you as your charger.


If you want to head over to their Kickstarter page, you can be one of the first to receive a first edition MobileMount+ for as little as $30 to $40 or pledge $300 to receive an early prototype and provide some crucial testing and feedback.

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