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Google TV might not be the most popular platform when it comes to the living room but a lot of us swear by it. After all, there's a lot going for Google TV and it's ability to deal with Internet TV. It's clear that Google don't have too much faith in the platform as there hasn't been a major update for some time now. All this hasn't stopped Google's hardware partners from bringing new hardware to the party. Earlier this year we had a release from Vizio with their $99 Co-Star set-top box which enjoyed some popularity and has been sold out a number of times now.

It's clear that there is a market out there for an internet connected device in the living room – as Microsoft have proven with the Xbox – but getting the hardware just right has proven difficult. The first Google TV box, the Logitech Revue, didn't do too well and in fact the company hasn't partnered with Google on anything since. It makes you wonder whether or not Google believe in the platform but, it's good to see that hardware partners are still putting resources behind the platform.


The Netgear NeoTV has recently been outed by the FCC and among the leaked details is that it comes packing Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi b/g/n. First of all there was a shot of the bulky remote control  that features shortcuts to services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and there's also a QWERTY keyboard on the back as well. Engadget have dug up a picture of the box and it certainly looks like a compact set-top box. I'm certainly hoping that this means a fresh wave will be coming for Google TV as I'e always liked the idea of it but, for me, it's either been too expensive or hard to get hold of. This is something else that Google need to work, is bringing their products and services to those across the globe. Not a lot is known about the current set-top box but it's more than likely that we'll see more of it come CES next year.

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