MagNector – The Pogo Charger for your Nexus 10


Nexus device owners might find themselves discouraged by the pitiful choice of "official" accessories. This is where third-party vendors come in, such as ifsolution, who is currently selling a Nexus 10 pogo pin charger. It is called the MagNector pogo charger that magnetically connects to the pogo pins on the side of your Nexus 10 device. The seller claims that "This is an authentic pogo charging cable for Nexus 10!!!" Yes, that is three exclamation marks.

First let me say that I'm a little unsure about this one. The idea of it is good, but there is no information on the seller. Despite supposedly selling 54 of the chargers, there are no reviews or customer comments on it. You can click on the seller's name and even then the only feedback is dated from 2005-2011 from users that claim to have bought something. Ifsolution doesn't have any other items for sale. I have to say I am a very cautious online shopper and am very protective over the few devices I do own, so I warn readers to always check who they purchase from online.


Now that I've gotten that out-of-the-way, let's move on to details on the charger. The MagNector charger makes it easy to charge your device without having to plug and unplug a USB connector, which eliminates the wear and tear of the port. The USB port failing is one of the main causes for repair for  phones and tablet computers (like my laptop). The MagNector user a permanent magnet that also has an Over Voltage Protector (OVP) chip installed so it can protect your Nexus device from any damage that is normally caused by multiple power sources that are supplied simultaneously. It claims to charge about twenty-five percent faster and lets you use the device while charging. The four-foot long cable comes with a break-away magnet that further protects your devices from any potentially clumsy people.

The MagNector pogo pin charger is a great idea and I might end up risking a purchase if I happen to spot any feedback from customers on whether it is also compatible with my Nexus 7. Even better would be if Google started selling a similar charger. Have you bought one or know somebody who has?

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