LG's Optimus G2 Display Pegged to Be 5.5" of Full HD


It's getting close to the beginning of 2013 and with it rumors surrounding the next wave of devices from all the big name manufacturers are coming thick and fast. When it comes to LG and their new devices, the Optimus G2 is at the forefront of it all and we've already heard that it's going to come with a Full HD 1080p display – what phone in 2013 won't feature a Full HD Display? It's certainly no surprise that the phone will come packing a Full HD display but, what might be a little surprising is that apparently, LG is stretching that screen to 5.5-inches.

Bringing the screen up to those sizes will bring the device into firm competition with Samsung's Galaxy Note II, which isn't surprising given LG's seemingly unending vendetta against their closest rival. The strange thing here though is that the first Optimus G was a relatively normal 4.7-inch device that, while being on the larger side, wasn't a massive device like the Note II. Why LG would bring their flagship up out of the realms of an everyday devicc to something that only a niche market is buying is confusing to us and, I can't say it'd be a smart move for LG. Samsung have had to balance the Galaxy S and the Note phones together when it comes to screen sizes, as the Galaxy S III became 4.8-inches and the Note II 5.5-inches and with the S IV being a rumored 5-inch device Samsung will continue to keep the Note II a very real prospect for buyers, not only because of the S-Pen but their is a sizeable screen-size bump. For LG to turn one product line to a phablet size device, with no word of true pen input, makes little sense as it would certainly limit sales of the device. While there are plenty of people that love their Note IIs – with good reason – not everyone is excepting these huge phones just yet.

The rest of the new rumor that has surfaced out of Korea is that the Optimus G2 will feature a quad-core processor of the Snapdragon S4 variety as well as 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and a 3rd generation LTE radio. Much of this has already been speculated upon and the addition of a newer – presumably, more efficient – LTE radio could well help with both signal and battery life.


We're not sure what to expect from LG but, it's said that the phone will be launching before June of next year but – knowing LG – between now and then, anything could happen.

[Source: Asiae]

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