LG vs. Samsung Battle: LG Says Samsung Note 10.1 Breaches View Angle Patents


For all of us in the Android community, patent battles or wars seem to be a common occurrence these days.  Almost like it's a part of nature.  However, Android lovers find these patents wars ridiculous, and just seem like companies are fighting each other to try to get to the top spot. For those of you who are not aware, Samsung and LG have started their own patent war, and LG has taken another 'swing' at Samsung.

Let us first recap how it started…..


Samsung was the original filer of the claim back in September where Samsung 'accuses' LG of stealing OLED technology.  Samsung claims that LG "coerced 11 Samsung researchers into leaking secrets" about the OLED screens. The information supposedly leaked consisted of 18 pieces of technology and 21 "related documents."

What is Samsung asking for? Samsung wants 1 billion won ($87, 9771) to "compensate" for every piece of information that was leaked out.

How did LG feel about this accusation? They were not happy to say the least.   They were being accused of theft, and no one enjoys being accused of such an act. LG shot back at Samsung saying the technology behind their screens is different from Samsung's by the fact they use "White OLEDs," whereas Samsung uses RGB.


So what happened next? Like any other patent battle, LG counter-sued and is now claiming that they are the 'victim' here and not Samsung.  As part of the counter-sue LG is looking to get the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Note banned.  Okay, that is where I draw the line and start getting upset.  Is it really about patent infringement, or are they just trying to get rid of top-selling devices and be greedy?

This all leads to the now as in, "What is going on now?" LG has decided to now attack the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. They claim that the Note 10.1 "breaches 3 of LG's display patents" concerning "viewing angles."  Really? Will this patent madness ever stop?

Samsung is not at all worried with this most recent development or 'accusation,' and has "dismissed it as 'unjustified'." They also aren't worried about the damages they are asking for, which is "nothing less than a billion won ($1 million) for each day the Note 10.1 continues to be made and sold."


I would guess that Samsung is pretty set that LG will have no evidence to prove this accusation, and let us hope for the time being this is true. We don't want another Samsung vs. Apple lawsuit where many of us were solid that Samsung would come out on top, but instead were surprised to see Apple come out victorious.

Since this patent debauchery I have stopped following the patent infringement news, because it's all ridiculous, and I would rather spend my time reading something much more enjoyable.

How about the Android community? How do you feel about this case? Does anyone feel concerned, or are you all just sick and tired of the patent drama?


Sources: Engadget

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