LG To Release 1080p Smartphone: Is Full HD The Next Hot Item For Android Devices?


LG appears to be the next manufacturer to add a full HD 1080p display to their device lineup. The first to launch a smartphone with the high end (1920 — 1080) resolution display was HTC with the Droid DNA which features a 5" 1080p display with a class leading 440 ppi. Reviews of the HTC Super LCD 3.0 display have it pegged as the best mobile display available besting their previous leader the HTC One X.



Samsung is also expected to release a full HD 1080p device in early 2013 with a possible announcement at Mobile World Congress. The Samsung version will apparently be of the Super AMOLED type and it remains to be seen if they can best what LG and HTC have in store.

LG F240K (Codename)

The LG F240K codename was first discovered in a posting on GLbenchmark's scoreboard. The device is said to be on a fast track to release as the successor to the recently released LG Optimus G flagship and is currently in carrier testing. Their goal is to have the device released to their domestic Korean market before the end of the year and before HTC and Sharp release their 1080p devices in the country.

LG has been known to release their flagship smartphones in their hometown Korea months before their International debut. Considering the internals are almost identical to the recently released Optimus G flagship featuring the same quad core S4Pro the only difference being the display, to release the international model now would cannibalize sales. We should hear more on that model at next years CES or Mobile World Congress.


1080p Full HD In the Palm of Your Hand

All signs are showing that 2013 will be the year of 1080p Full HD displays for high-end Android devices from the majority of manufacturers. It would seem reasonable to believe that 1080p should be the limit for the foreseeable future in terms of providing a tangible benefit.

With all Android phones converging on 5" displays with 1080p (1920 — 1080) resolutions for the high-end, Android is quickly becoming a great place for mobile media consumption. By mid next year there will be a number of options that include these screens, but that brings about a new question.

With screens basically reaching their limit for high-end Android devices in the next year, what should be the new focal point for manufacturers moving forward? Should it be cameras, battery life, additional features like Galaxy Note line or something new altogether?


Via: Android Authority