LG Releases First Nexus 4 TV Commercial

The Google Nexus 4 has barely been available for minutes or hours on several occasions ever since it launched a month and a half ago, because either Google or LG didn't properly plan the launch and set aside enough devices. Either both of them didn't expect the demand to be that high, or LG, which Google blames for the lack of Nexus 4 availability, tried to push the LG Optimus G instead of Nexus 4 into the market.

Clearly LG must've taken notice that they need to make more Nexus 4 devices, but it seems they've chosen to respond to the situation in an odd way. Instead of making more Nexus 4 devices available, they've released a commercial.

Releasing a commercial means the demand for your devices is going to be even higher in the next few weeks, especially with few days left until Christmas. So the decision to do this now seems a little strange, when they were still fighting to fulfill the current "lower" demand.

Either way, the TV commercial is here, and it looks pretty good to me, showing off many of the Nexus 4's unique features. But while the ad seems to promote some of its physical specs such as a quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, wireless sharing, and so on, in the same time it also looks like Google may have helped with this ad. It's promoting things that Google would've wanted to promote, such as Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Movies, Google Maps, Google Now, and Photo Sphere.

So while we see the LG logo on the ad, it's possible Google handled making this commercial (also seems like a Google style ad), while LG is the one who will pay for ad space on TV and promote it everywhere.

I think it's great that Google is finally starting to promote Android as a brand, and especially stock Android, because more consumers get to buy stock Android devices, and then more manufacturers will want to benefit from that kind of branding and marketing, and they'll want to build Nexus devices, too. Hopefully this will end with a whole suite of stock Android devices being part of the "Nexus program", for all price ranges from $100 to $700 (unlocked retail prices).

(YouTube link is no longer available)

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