LG Are Looking to Bring Their Own Chips to Market in 2013; Introduce Them at CES

There a couple of things that Samsung and their Korean Rival, LG, have in common - they both make a lot of the parts that go into their own smartphones and other electronics. This is a pretty desirable position to be in, it makes for less reliance on other players in the industry and can be pretty good for the bottom line as well. Where Samsung beat out LG though is that they have their own line of processors in the form of the Exynos line, which are pretty successful in their own right. Samsung have the ability to make pretty much all of the components that go into their smartphones, something that has served them well in both marketing and their ability to deliver a quality product.

LG are now said to be interested in bringing their own processors to market and will be starting with the "H13" system-on-chip. With the H standing for "Home Entertainment" and the "13" for 2013, it looks LG might be packing Android into some more TVs come CES 2013. LG won't be making their own chips though, they'll be leaving that to TSMC, who currently produce 28nm chips for pretty much everybody - including Qualcomm. Samsung on the other hand, not only design their own chips but also make them as well, giving them yet another advantage on top of rival, LG.

It looks as though LG are looking to bring more Android devices to market through the use of their own CPUs, however the mobile versions of these processors aren't said to arrive until later on in the year. Bringing a dedicated chip for home entertainment would certainly suggest that LG are looking to build perhaps more TVs with Android inside them. It's said that this chip will likely be nothign more than an Exynos 5250 built with a 28nm process as oppose to a 32nm process.There's little reason for LG to design their own mobile processors though, as they seem to have a good relationship with Qualcomm who're supplying the chips in the Nexus 4 and their own flagship, the Optimus G.

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