Judge Koh to Allow Discussion of Apple-HTC Deal in Samsung v Apple Hearing Dec 6th


Here we go again, it's that time again and it's Samsung and Apple – you know, for a change. There's been some more light shed on just what's going to be discussed at this Thursday's hearing between the two parties. Judge Lucy Koh will once again try her best to keep the two companies under control. A hot topic between the two has been Apple's cross-licensing deal with HTC that effectively puts an end to all litigation between them both. Samsung have been – unsurprisingly – not too happy with Apple and HTC for not disclosing details of the deal, after all, Apple not only sued Samsung in court but tried their best to get injunctions against a whole line of products and have done anything they can to stop Samsung products going on sale for what seems forever now.

Samsung's legal team thought the new agreement pretty relevant for the hearing and had requested it to be discussed during the hearing. Apple, on the other hand, wanted a pre-hearing discussion surrounding the deal in order to determine whether or not it is, indeed, relevant. In a somewhat surprising move, Judge Koh has sided with Samsung and conceded that "the relevance of the agreement can be adequately addressed at the December 6, 2012 hearing, without further briefing". If Samsung are hoping to leverage the deal against Apple, the best they can do is try to convince Judge Koh that monetary compensation is more than enough for Apple and that banning products – through constant injunctions – is nothing short of anti-competitive practices.

I'm sure that a lot of you remember the Galaxy Nexus sales ban – due to an injunction – as well as other Samsung products. This is the exact situation that Samsung want to avoid, after all, when your devices are taken off of shelves, it's hardly good for business. It's going to be interesting to see what comes out of Thursday's hearing and we'll have a report on just what happened as usual. I'm intrigued to see just what details from the deal make it out into the public and how much money is really involved. At this point though, it's all wearing a little thin and I'm sure I speak for all when I say: enough already.


[Source: FOSS Patents]

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