Is Nexus 4 Inventory on its Way to T-Mobile Stores?


Since the day it released the LG Nexus 4 has been quite the hardship to get your hands on. Each time it comes into stock, it would sell out just as fast leaving so many people disappointed having to wait yet again for the next upcoming stock.

You are still able to purchase the Nexus 4 on the Play Store  it is however, following  a 6-7 week estimation for shipping for the 16 GB, while the 8GB  is currently sold out.  This can be disheartening since the Nexus 7 was only about 3-5 days before it would arrive.

We have some good news for you all! The below image (courtesy of TMONews) is Nexus 4 marketing materials that was spotted being sent out to select T-Mobile locations. Now the image isn't all that convincing or reassuring, but it is a sign nonetheless. Before you get too excited it has been 'rumored' that only the T-Mobile stores who were unable to receive a shipment of Nexus 4 devices will be the locations to receive the inventory. It is hopes of many that the Nexus 4 will be spread throughout the T-Mobile stores instead of just certain locations.



This is a really good opportunity for anyone wanting a Nexus 4 as it's pretty much on backorder on the Google Play store, and pretty much everywhere else. So if you really have that itch for the Nexus 4, and MUST HAVE IT, you'll want to stick close to any news relating to the Nexus 4 and T-Mobile. Nexus 4 stock is obviously coming, but where and when is the true question waiting to be answered. Rest assured that once any information is leaked it will be all over the Android community.

The Nexus 4 was and still is a widely discussed device especially since Google decided to go with LG this year, whereas many of us had other ideas and wishes for the flagship device. You couldn't get a really good view on how people felt about it, especially since it wasn't going to be LTE. Yet, when it became available to consumers it sold out everywhere in less an hour! It may have even been sooner if Google's servers wouldn't have completely died while the surge of people were flowing into their gates in order to purchase the flagship device. So it's definitely a device worth the pain and suffering to some not to mention it would make a great Christmas for anyone that loves electronics or technology.

Do you think Nexus 4 stock is coming to T-Mobile soon?

Sources: TMONews

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