Ingress Tips: How to Gain Experience also known as AP


So we've talked before about leveling up in Ingress, and how important it is. It's also important to farm your friendly higher level portals, we'll get into that a bit more later. So what can you do to get more experience, well their none as AP (Action Points) in Ingress. Well we have all the ways you can AP, along with the amount of AP that goes along with the tasks.

Here's how you gain AP:

Placing a resonator: 125 AP


Destroying a resonator: 75 AP

Creating a link: 313 AP

Destroying a link: 187 AP


Creating a control field: 1250 AP

Destroying a control field: 750 AP

Applying a portal shield: bonus 150 AP


Placing the first resonator on a portal: bonus 500 AP

Placing the eighth resonator on a portal: bonus 250 AP

Hacking an enemy portal: bonus 100 AP


Also important, the player that destroys resonators, links and control fields earns 60% of the AP you got for them. But the portal-shield, first-resonator, last-resonator, and hack-an-enemy-portal bonus do not grant this 60%.

So that's about it. It's important to create control fields with high level portals. That'll keep players on the other faction from destroying your portal quickly. If you find out any other ways to gain AP in Ingress please be sure to leave a comment below and we'll add it to this article.