Ingress Tip: How to Improve your Ingress Experience while Improving Battery Life While Playing


Ingress is a huge battery hog. But what do you expect from a game that is using your screen, mobile data, and GPS all at the same time? Ingress is super addictive. In fact, on our last Ingress show we talked about how much some people play. And it's quite a bit. Some play for 3+ hours per day. While others just don't have the time or the gas to drive out every where to hit up these portals. And the rest of us just complain about Ingress killing our battery almost instantly.

Thanks to one of our followers on Google+, Michael Richardson, we have a nice Tip that will help you out with the battery life and make your Ingress playing experience a bit better. Let Michael explain:


Install this app from the Play Store. If you're rooted it is more likely to provide max benefit but either way should help. I'm listing a few settings below that are the way I use it but the general idea is that this COMPLETELY shuts off your screen without putting your device to sleep. Typically when you hit the "power" button on an Android device, you "lock" the device and tell it to sleep. Foreground apps are sent an "intent" that tells them they are not longer to run (unlike services which are responsible for things like syncing your email or receiving gtalk messages). That means that when you hit your power button, Ingress stops working completely. No more XM collection, audible notifications about portals, etc.. Also, when you hit your power button to "turn the device back on", you have to unlock if you have a lock screen of any sort, relaunch Ingress, wait for it to get a GPS lock, etc…. For me with the HTC DNA (one of the most powerful devices our right now), this can easily take 15-20 seconds depending on a number of factors.

Our screen is one of the greatest power consumers in our device. By shutting it off entirely but NOT putting the device to sleep, you save massive amounts of battery and Ingress is usually but a second or two away from being available. Depending on where you play, that can be a HUGE benefit. Even if you have battery-packs or chargers (like in your car), this has another benefit of keeping your device more cool. CPUs are exponentially less efficient and also get slower as they get more hot and charging batteries and LCD back-lights both create substantial heat. I've had Ingress get so laggy that it was hardly usable because my device got too warm (but not enough to lock up and reset since it's overclocked to 1.8GHz and quad-core).

To sum things up, install this app and use the settings below and you'll be able to do what I do, which is to keep Ingress in instant standby, while saving tons of power, and keeping your device more cool.


Once the settings are in place, create a widget on your home screen for the app and that will start "screen standby" and shut your screen off. My settings use the proximity sensor (nearly all phones have this and it's at the top of the phone) to turn the screen on and off. Just wave your hand over the sensor to turn the screen on, launch Ingress, then wave again when you want to screen off. One more wave and you'll be back to Ingress instantly (assuming no bugs or issues and that I can't guarantee, but HOURS of testing and having to reset my device has helped me find a setup that works very well).


Settings: (Open the app and hit the wrench icon at the top-right to get to the settings area)


Screen off methods – This you will have to set based on your device and type, but my HTC DROID DNA works well with Zero Brightness and nothing else checked.
Sensor Settings – Uncheck everything (since we move so much when playing, I don't think any will work well if at all)
Proximity Settings – Check the "Use proximity sensor" option
Extra Settings – Make sure that "Wake-lock" is checked. This is what guarantees that Ingress keeps going and your phone doesn't "time out" and lock while the screen is off. I uncheck everything else except "Ads banner" because I want to do that little thing to help him out.

I haven't had the chance to try this out yet, but I will be during the next week or so doing my normal drive by's hacking portals and blowing up the enlightened's work. Let us know in the comments below if this worked for you and what kind of differences you saw in playing Ingress on your device. Also be sure to add which device you're using.

Source: +Michael-Rainabba Richardson