Ingress: How to Target a Portal


Ingress is the most addicting game where you actually have to get up and out of the house. Why is it so addictive? I really have no idea, but I love the game. And today we are going to walk you through targeting a new portal. It's fairly easy, but for those that might be new to the game it can be a little confusing or tricky.

  1. Of course you need to have the app open, then you'll find a portal. It'll be green (enlightened), blue (resistance) or gray (unclaimed)
  2. Tap on the portal, then the following screen will appear
  3. Tap 'Target", the app will then show you how far away from the portal you are. You'll need to be within 35m of the portal to do most things.

And that's about it. Like I said it's not hard at all. But targeting the portal will help you see how much farther you need to go. Once you are within 35m of the portal you can hack it, link it to other portals, recharge the resonators, upgrade the portal, and add portal shields. If you are going to upgrade it, you'll want to upgrade first then hack it. You'll get better items from the hack that way.


Good luck out there, and don't mind the people that look at you funny when you stop in the middle of the street to hack a portal. We've all been there.