Ingress: How to Hack a Portal

December 11, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Continuing with our Ingress coverage, today we’ll be showing you how to hack your friendly neighborhood portal. It’s actually pretty simple, but for those new to the game it might seem a bit hard. We’ve already gone over how to target a portal. So once you’ve targeted the portal and are in range to the portal follow these instructions:

1. Tap on the portal, unless the menu shown below is already open.

2. Tap Hack.

It’s just that simple. You may not get these items when you hack a portal. You might get more, or less, and sometimes you may get nothing. Also after you hack it once you’ll have to wait about 5 minutes to hack it again, as it needs to cool down.

Now a good tip for hacking portals is to hack the ones that are higher levels. So say you’re a level 2 or 3. You’ll want to hack portals that are level 4 or up. The reason is it will allow you to level up a bit quicker and get some more cool items. We talked about this briefly on our Ingress Show on Friday. But it’s a great tip for beginners and new players.

Remember Ingress is a team game. Going with a few other people to hack and destroy portals is much more fun, you’ll learn more and level up a bit quicker.