Huawei Preparing Their Own Full HD 5-inch Smartphone for 2013; "better than Apple and Samsung"

huawei vision p4u e1355481439875

As we get ever closer and closer to CES the rumors and expectations are beginning to hit fever pitch and there is a lot of speculation as to who’s going to be showing off what. There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding Samsung and their Galaxy S IV but, it’s very rare that Samsung make their presence known when it comes to the mobile side of things at CES – after all they have a lot of TVs and Refrigerators to peddle as well.

Huawei are a company out of China that have had a good year when it comes to devices – they might not have sold a lot of units in the U.S. – but they certainly turned up the heat on the rest of the competition. They’re now designing their own chips for their phones and have been making some very thin phones this year, they also had a good showing at MWC back in February. We’ve heard some strange rumors in connection to Huawei such as a 6.1″ Full HD device coming from in 2013 but now, there is a rumor doing the rounds that the company is bringing their own Full HD phone to show off at CES in January next year.

The Chief Marketing Officer for the Chinese company has hinted that they will have something to best Apple and Samsung (funny, putting those two together, right?) coming in the second half of 2013. The full comment is below:

“If our R & D people have not made a mistake, then we have in the second half of 2013 something better than Apple and Samsung,”

Those sound like fighting words to me and if Huawei can show off a decent device at the coming show then they could wow the industry, getting in before Apple and Samsung will be key for a company like Huawei. Good design and build quality will be essential as well – it doesn’t matter how fast and fancy a phone is, if it’s built poorly then nobody is going to look twice.

I’ve been interested by Huawei’s products for some time now and seeing as I’ve convinced myself I’m going to get a Full HD phone next year I’m very intrigued to see if Huawei can bring something great to the market. Of course, a big hurdle for them to overcome will be getting the device available on as many carriers around the world as possible. CES 2013 is sounding better and better every day.

[Source: BestBoyZ,de Via PhoneArena]